Presidents’ & Honorary Secretaries Conference, Chancery Lane, London – May 2011

A fantastic 2 day conference. Much better than the previous year as people had actually taken on board all of the criticism and feedback (not that it had been vast). It was chaired by the President, Linda Lee, who was on form as usual. It had everything expected of such a conference from updates on the profession and changes that are being introduced through to what we can do about them either as individuals, firms or as a whole. It also had great tips on how to appeal to members of the profession in addition to trying to engage members of the public on such campaigns as ‘Justice for All’ and the Law Society’s campaign ‘Sound off for Justice’.

Guest speakers included Antony Townsend (CEO of the SRA), Adam Sampson (CEO of LeO), John Wootton (Vice President of the Law Society) and there was an excellent section on how council members, regional managers and local law societies can work together where all 3 speakers were known to me and from our south eastern circuit: Jonathan Smithers (Council Member for Kent), Kim Seth (South East Regional Manager) and Robert Ryder (Honorary Secretary & Former President of Tunbridge Wells Tonbridge & District Law Society and Kent Law Society).