6th May 2011 – Sussex Law Society Charity Ball

Sussex Law Society Charity Ball at the Hilton Brighton Metropole Hotel. I was invited as a guest on the top table and this time took my husband along to see what us lawyers get up to! I was sat with fellow local law society Presidents as well as local Judges, Council Members and the South East Regional manager of the Law Society. It was a really enjoyable dinner with a band that followed which I thought was a really good way to get people socialising with one another. The charity aspect was great too simply consisting of money being put in to a glass on the table and playing tops and tails – the Sussex Law Society President having a coin and players choosing heads or tails and showing their choice either by placing their hands on their heads or behind their back and the top three winners had a prize. There were 180 guests and everyone put in £5 a person so £900 was raised at least for Help the Heroes.