Local Law Societies Conference 2010

Local Law Societies Conference 2010 held by Liverpool Law Society at their offices in Liverpool. A truly great event with a number of local law society office holders all with various experiences of being involved in small to medium to large law societies. Came away with loads of ideas and inspiration as well as also feeling that I am not alone in trying to re-vamp the society and try to engage members and get people to work together. Fantastic ideas shared with possibilities of co-operation and involvement with other local law societies, visiting members of the national law society but not members of the local law society to try to increase membership, and consideration of possibly opening up the society to “lawyers” rather than just solicitors to include associated members such as judges, barristers, trainees, ilex/milex/filex. Other ideas included holding more social events such as a local public speaking competition, judges’ forum question time, 5K challenge, spring luncheon and summer balls. Funding from local businesses to sponsor events was probably the most valuable suggestion that I had never even contemplated before.

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