Committee Meeting on 10th July 2012

At our committee meeting on 10th July 2012, we agreed to move forward in terms of exploring opening up membership of the society to non-solicitors. It was agreed that in our next newsletter we would raise this issue with the membership, with a view to making a decision as to the best way forward at our committee meeting in September.

I reported to the committee that I had also attended a Sussex Law Society Meeting on 11th June 2012. This meeting had taken place shortly after the announcement by HSBC that they would open up membership of their panels to members of the Conveyancing Quality Scheme.

It is pleasing to note that the national Law Society has been so effective in relation to this particular issue. The decision made by HSBC initially to limit panel firms raised real issues in relation to freedom of choice for clients and it is very pleasing to note that, after the Law Society’s intervention, HSBC have changed their arrangements.

I reported to the committee on 10th July about two successful recent social events. We had a summer social event on 24th June 2012 at Number 12 in Chichester. This was attended by a large number of members and indeed the attendance this year had been even better than last year. I thanked Dominic Ryan for organising this event.

Julian Bobak also reported that he has recently organised a squash match between local lawyers from the society and the local doctors’ team. Julian was delighted to report that the society’s team had won the Medico Legal squash cup. Julian noted that it had been several years since the cup had last been competed for and hoped that this will become a more regular event in the future!