Home start Chichester

Letter from Home-Start Chichester & District

7th December 2022

Dear Laura,

I am writing on behalf of the staff and trustees of Home-Start Chichester & District to thank you for inviting Rebecca and me to the Chichester & District Law Society Annual Dinner, and for donating the proceeds of your raffle to our charity. I’m pleased to say that you raised on our behalf £750, which is really fabulous.

It was such an honour to come and speak to your members about the work that Home-Start Chichester & District does with local children and families. We know that our volunteers do brilliant work with our families, and it was wonderful to have an opportunity to shine a light on them and the hugely positive benefits that their support brings to families who are struggling to cope.

The money that the Chichester District Law Society kindly donated will make an invaluable contribution towards the running costs of our three family groups in Chichester and Midhurst, groups that families can attend alongside having support from a home visiting volunteer.

I hope you don’t mind if I take this opportunity to say that we would love to partner with a local law firm who would like to work more closely with our charity. Indeed, if any of your members would like to consider inviting Home-Start Chichester & District to become their Charity of the Year this would mean a huge amount to us. We strongly feel that our charity is a good fit with law firms as together we would be able make a positive impact in the community. Any funding raised would be spent in the local area, directly supporting over 100 families, and over 170 parents, and over 200 children, we would be able to provide volunteering opportunities for staff, we would happily come and talk at events, we can provide cases for support detailing need, impact and real life stories, and the law firm’s names would go on all our promotional material including our Facebook pages, our website, email signature and letterhead. Together we could help families to overcome the challenges they are facing, particularly in the light of the cost-of-living crisis, and help babies and children have a better start in life. We know that the important contribution Home-Start Chichester & District makes to the lives of children and families today will continue to have a positive effect long into the future.

If you or any of your members would be interested in discussing a potential partnership, I would be delighted to hear from them.

Thank you again, and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

Best wishes,

Lois Rowlands
Manger, Home-Start Chichester & District