Drinks Reception at the Law Society Chancery Lane

Drinks Reception 5 July

As we look towards the final stages of the implementation of the Legal Services Act I am delighted to invite you to the Law Society for a drinks reception

The event will provide an opportunity to reflect on the successes of the past twelve months, but also to look towards the future and remind ourselves of the role that solicitors will have in protecting the seven principles of justice that the Act promised.

I also want to say goodbye and thank you to everyone who has been such a strong support to me during my time as president and office-holder of the Law Society.

The event will take place at 113 Chancery Lane on Tuesday 5 July at 6:30 PM.

I hope you can join me  on 5 July and look forward to seeing you then.

Linda Lee

President of the Law Society of England and Wales

RSVP – presidentevents@lawsociety.org.uk

Or call Lana Nanakalei on  020 7841 5581

Drinks at No 12 Booking Form


The Society’s Committee has arranged a “Summer Social Gathering” for all solicitor members of the

Society, and for non-solicitors working for legal firms in the Society’s area, at

no12 bar

12-14 Westgate


PO19 3EU


starting at 5.30pm on Thursday 14 July 2011.

Dress is “informal,” and at £15 the price includes a drink on arrival and canapés/finger buffet.

It is very much hoped that you and other members of staff from your firm can attend this event, which will provide an opportunity for members of the profession to meet and converse in an informal setting.

As the Social Gathering is likely to prove popular, early booking on the form below is advised.


As these details of the Summer Social Gathering are being sent to the Society’s members by email, it would be greatly appreciated if members could bring this information to the attention of any of their colleagues who they know do not, or cannot, receive communications by these means.

Details of this event are also being posted on the Society’s June 2011 Newsletter.


To book places at the Summer Social Gathering, please complete this booking form and forward, by Monday 4th July 2011, to Mark Taylor, Administrator, Chichester and District Law Society, Pigeon Mead, Earnley Manor Close, Earnley, West Sussex, PO20 7JQ, or by DX to Chichester Law Society, DX 30302, CHICHESTER.

Member’s Name           ………………………………………………………………

Firm’s Address            ……….………………………………………………………

Email address              ……………………………………………………………….

I should like to book a place(s) at The Summer Social Gathering  for …………. person(s). I enclose a cheque made payable to “The Chichester and District Law Society” for   £………  (£15 per person).

Bookings will be acknowledged by the Administrator by email.

Committee Meeting 18th May 2011

A very informative meeting where the Honorary Secretary and I conveyed to the committee all of the important facts and details passed on to us at the National Conference. There was serious discussion regarding the lobbying of our local MP’s concerning legal aid and the different possible outcomes of the eagerly awaited legal aid bill. It was also agreed that further efforts would be made to engage with Law Society Council Members and our members generally to try and get them involved in the large number of campaigns that exist in a very diverse and quick changing legal profession and market place.

Presidents’ & Honorary Secretaries Conference, Chancery Lane, London – May 2011

A fantastic 2 day conference. Much better than the previous year as people had actually taken on board all of the criticism and feedback (not that it had been vast). It was chaired by the President, Linda Lee, who was on form as usual. It had everything expected of such a conference from updates on the profession and changes that are being introduced through to what we can do about them either as individuals, firms or as a whole. It also had great tips on how to appeal to members of the profession in addition to trying to engage members of the public on such campaigns as ‘Justice for All’ and the Law Society’s campaign ‘Sound off for Justice’.

Guest speakers included Antony Townsend (CEO of the SRA), Adam Sampson (CEO of LeO), John Wootton (Vice President of the Law Society) and there was an excellent section on how council members, regional managers and local law societies can work together where all 3 speakers were known to me and from our south eastern circuit: Jonathan Smithers (Council Member for Kent), Kim Seth (South East Regional Manager) and Robert Ryder (Honorary Secretary & Former President of Tunbridge Wells Tonbridge & District Law Society and Kent Law Society).

6th May 2011 – Sussex Law Society Charity Ball

Sussex Law Society Charity Ball at the Hilton Brighton Metropole Hotel. I was invited as a guest on the top table and this time took my husband along to see what us lawyers get up to! I was sat with fellow local law society Presidents as well as local Judges, Council Members and the South East Regional manager of the Law Society. It was a really enjoyable dinner with a band that followed which I thought was a really good way to get people socialising with one another. The charity aspect was great too simply consisting of money being put in to a glass on the table and playing tops and tails – the Sussex Law Society President having a coin and players choosing heads or tails and showing their choice either by placing their hands on their heads or behind their back and the top three winners had a prize. There were 180 guests and everyone put in £5 a person so £900 was raised at least for Help the Heroes.

Commitee Meeting 30th March 2011

A  meeting this time very much with the focus of discussion on how to engage members and relay to them important information particularly given the current changing climate, legal profession and concerns regarding legal aid and the government cutting its budgets. This was very much in anticipation that there will be a lot of information conveyed at the forthcoming national Presidents’ & Honorary Secretaries conference in London in May 2011.

Committee Meeting 2nd March 2011

Unfortunately this was a meeting that I was not able to make at the last minute and was chaired by Ed Cooke, Vice President, in my absence who addressed everything that I was not able to do including issues surrounding the membership of our local law society, agreeing subjects for the CPD courses, discussing the closing down of Dobsons, considering the forthcoming medico-legal dinner, approving new member applications and deciding whether or not to hold further events during the course of the year.

Committee Meeting 26th January 2011

Committee Meeting in the Goodwood Room at Thomas Eggars in Chichester.

The first meeting after the AGM and Annual Foundation Dinner. A very positive meeting with particular discussion of us possibly welcoming to the committee Dominic Ryan from Charles Hill Hubbard. Generally discussing forthcoming initiatives including a summer event and expanding out the membership to other lawyers not just solicitors.

The AGM 2010

AGM & Annual Foundation Dinner at the Minerva Theatre, Chichester on 13 December 2010. Another momentous day! Not only had I managed to get the website up and running before this day as promised (with a lot of help from all of the members but one in particular) but I was also elected as President of the Chichester & District Law Society again for a second consecutive year – the first time in our history having managed to change the constitution at the AGM moments earlier. The planning and arrangements for the AGM and Dinner proved to be a success again. I had decided to change things round this year to be a bit more relaxed and less formal and it went down well. We had the main speaker before dinner, Cerys Jones, Legal Ombudsman and then an after dinner speaker who was very funny – Ian Hart local funeral director and sports commentator. It was well attended and overall was a great event.